City to city, state to state, #365Underfoot is growing!

Robert Is Here, Goat

This goat is not significant to this post. I just really enjoy his smile.

I wish you could see my face right now. I’m dorking out over the response to this 365 photo challenge. We’re already a nationwide project and if my Englandland contingent is on board, we’re worldwide(ish). So, where are these people coming from so far?

  • Austin, TX
  • Oakland, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • NY, NY (quite a few from here – should be cool to see how different or similar their underfoot perspectives are)
  • Columbia, SC (University of South Carolina student)
  • Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  • Chapin, SC

And we’re not done yet! Join us! See how the challenge works and then send me an email declaring “I’m in!” at kelly@shortstackphoto.com and we’re golden. I’ll begin introducing participants to the world in the coming days.

We start shooting January 1, 2013!


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