Day 001 of 365 Underfoot: The Day After

The sun. It burns my retinas. A night of picso sours, tequila, champagne, and wine is a night that never need happen again. I don’t know how delicate the rest of the Underfooters are, but I’m in the hurt locker. Some of our over achievers got their Day One submissions in minutes into the new year. Here are but a few, in the theme of late nights, and even as I type this, more photos are being posted. The day is young, it’s not too late to join in on this one  photo a day challenge (and with the addition of Zurich, we’re now International!)

I’m not 100% set on how to display the images. I want to make sure I credit and link to the originals. I’m a big fan of galleries, too, so bear with me while I play with different options!

From @jillybean803 on Instagram in South Carolina

from @jsamardak on Instagram in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

from mutemuse in Brooklyn, NY

From @hchcandlelips on Instagram in West Farmington, OH

from l’ebbhead in Rockland County, NY

From Kelly in Coral Gables, FL

From Kelly in Coral Gables, FL


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