Day 004 out the door

It’s Day Four here at 365Underfoot and I do believe we have a 100% success rate so far! I look forward to shooting every day, but I might actually look forward to seeing everyone else’s shots more. We’ve got two shooters who announced their pregnancies recently and it warms my cold black heart to know that we (I’m talking about you!) get to witness their experience through their photos. Which one will post an underfoot shot of the emerging baby? HMMMMmmm?!

Enjoy some of the Underfooters’ Day Four photos:

by Jillybeann803 on Instagram, from South Carolina

by Oakland, CA’s Rebekka Rashell on instagram, who could probably use Jillybeann’s iced coffee with that… sourdough

by michelledozois in NYC on Instagram/Twitter/THE INTERNET, who is a pup magnet

by LauraOrban in CT on Flickr, who could feed michelledozois’ pup finds.

by NYC’s americanfrog on Flickr, who won’t end up in the hospital where she ganked these socks because of their no slip grip

by Austin Texas’ own Scissorina on Flickr, who we all get to watch as she grows a human inside of her uterine biodome.

by MissJennyKelley on Flickr who’s motorin’

by South Florida’s Kelly Samardak, who has a lead foot and SERIOUSLY isn’t driving and shooting

by Homestead’s IHHudson on Flickr who may make a debut in one of Kelly’s photos tomorrow 🙂

by corinetylerrr on Twitter… who must have shrunk in South Carolina

by Jasontrk on Instagram who is displeased with mouth-litterers in the UK

by South London’s trevzrk (who is going to wake the neighbors) on Instagram

by Sonoma, CA’s @TabletoGrave / @mrs_capone / errrrr on Instagram/Twitter

by Ohio’s HCHcandlelips on Instagram who absolutely will NOT eat Wal Mart floor grapes

by @lauriepete on the Twitters who cares enough to give you vertigo

by joshsternberg on Twitter and in Brooklyn, and soon on the floor when he trips

by South Carolina’s ctyler109 on Twitter with no regrets. Or egrets.

by Weehawken’s Best, stowasky on Instagram, who will be caught perching on something soon, no doubt.

by ebbhead in NYC on Instagram who let the fine city of New York burp all over him

by sfphillip on instagram who is… somewhere where there is a muni

byOhio’s  jsamardak on Instagram and in your Twitter ear

by mtbrooks on Flickr, who is obviously gunning for the “cutest photos for an entire year” award.

by dadelia on Flickr, who makes me ask “What’s a sphero and how do I get one in my life?”

by MaryMakesDinner on Flickr. CockadoodleBOOM in Austin, Texas

by Gladiolaroot in Danbury, CT on Flickr whose desk is a headache maker

by a_neelee on Flickr. Insert “Orange ya…” dopey joke here.

by mutemuse on Flickr and beyond

by ragovin and his decorative balls


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