Friday Night Lights Camera Action. Day 005

I turned down so  many plans due to my dedication to sparkle motion. Who am I kidding. I spent the evening just as I wanted – poolside with my favorite twosome in Homestead, FL – one who happens to be Diver Hugh (IHHudson on Flickr), a consistent contributor to this lovely challenge. Wine, cocktail weiners and stories of cottonmouths, cobras, and rattlers have satisfied my brain and I have returned to my cave in the Gables to see what the Underfooters have overturned today in photos. Have a looksee:

Ice fun by americanfrog in NYC on Flickr

80 degrees and sunny, by Kelly Samardak in Coral Gables, FL

Keeping it safe with tequila and missjennykelley on Flickr

Green is good by a_neelee on Flickr

#365Underfoot photoboner brought to you by rebekkarashell on Instagram

Get Lost. By stowasky on Instagram. Mission accomplished.

There’s more out there — just poke at the links to your right and discover more.


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