Day 006: No rest for the Underfooter!

It’s noon 30 and this team of shooters has already knocked out their Saturday 6s. It’s the first weekend of our 365 day photo challenge and now we get to be a fly on the wall of our international teams’ days “off”. Use your inside voice so we don’t disturb them:

our night owl @michelledozois, dog stalking in an nyc elevator. #365Underfoot approved.

Laura Orban putting us to couch potato shame in CT.

Nothing says sisterly love like perfect pedis and hot sweaty yoga (from @meezies on Flickr… and I gotta say, those are some good looking feet)

And please send some pup love to mutemuse (on Twitter, Flickr, and beyond) and his sweet girl. Those eye poked holes in my heart.

And who doesn’t like a good ‘hawk in Hoboken?

from lauriepete/hobokenwalks on Flickr

Keep it weird this weekend and keep looking underfoot!


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