Day 007/008 Combo: Go To There

Well Chicago, Cinicinatti, New York City, Tucumcari
Amarillo or Los Angeles
Saskatoon, Baton Rouge, Miami, Johnson City
or anywhere in between

Any but here, anywhere at all
I’m just looking for a change
i don’t want to see the sun rising up on
this dirty little town again

and i don’t know where I’m going no more
I don’t know, and i don’t care

Justin Townes Earle “I Don’t Care” [give it a listen, he’s awesome]

photo by l’ebbhead on Flickr

a bike that is going nowhere by ghilton529 on Flickr. I’m going to pretend it’s street art.

Going nowhere fast by MaryMakesDinner on Flickr

Not falling into the gap by meezies on Flickr

trevzrk on Instagram is going to be flashing his new kicks around South London

meet her there. by MaryMakesDinner on Flickr

You could go this way… or that. By Laurie Peterson/Hobokenwalks on Flickr

Lamont (smoothasl on Instagram) is going to get dizzy when he heads wherever he’s heading.

Something fluffy this way comes by gladiolaroot on Flickr

Going anywhere is always more fun with a partner. By Laura Orban on Flickr

CLEAR THE ROADS when Jillybeann803 on Instagram gets the motor running [special note from the #365Underfoot lawyers: this photo project does not condone driving without hands, while texting, while shooting, and while naked. Maybe not the last one. But we’re not responsible]

stowasky on Instagram is waiting for the bus to New Jersey, hopefully on an escalator that remains consistent.

Fetus transporter Denise (sweety5583 on Instagram) is already exposing the little fellow to the tiny beautiful things underfoot in South Florida.

Happy to report that @ctyler109 on Twitter is in the passenger seat.

ragovin on Flickr is getting the hell out of dodge. He travels A LOT for work, so get ready for “where in the world is Jeff?”

Coming soon: introductions to each shooter!


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