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Day 012 of 365Underfoot: Darkness and Light

There are many reasons I committed to doing this project and bringing as many people along with me. I’ll get into that some day, but anyone else in a freelance creative field (or anyone working their knuckles to the bone trying to) knows how isolating the days can be. I need team and community. To build that solution around photography – being more aware of something as simple as what’s underfoot – made me giddy. I will not fail at this project because of what we’re already seeing. There is light and dark, life and death, pizza and tacos. And what one day feels like the life has taken a cheese grater to your soul, may another day feel like a softer memory honored with a wobbly smile. When the Underfooters hurt, I hurt, when they triumph I feel triumphant. That’s community.

I’m sure when Bowie and Iman came into Nathan and his Ladyfriend’s lives they satisfied a need as well. I’ve “known” Nathan for years. We met at an NHL Tweetup in Times Square. I was covering it for my column at the time and we’ve managed to stay in “low touch” – in the way the natural way social media just kind of lets that happen – photos, dumb jokes, sharing knowledge, publicly sharing lives with no ulterior motives. The old social media. Today we lost one of the photo subjects I looked forward to, and Nathan lost a furry part of his family. This is sweet, sad, and simple. And it will break your heart.

photo by mutemuse on Flickr


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