Day 16: You’re giving me the chills

If you can count, you can see we’ve gotten a little out of order. That’s what happens when the whole career + actually shooting for underfoot + hustling for new business gets (quite happily!) in the way. I’m working to get this blog up to speed – but rest assured, even if this blog falls behind, the 365Underfoot shooters are still out there shooting every day and posting NEARLY every day. What matters is that they’re capturing what’s underfoot every.single.day. We lost our South London contingent and Josh Sternberg, but I may be feeling generous in the month of love… maybe we’ll let them back in. Until then, take a gander at some shots that will tickle your spine, make you curl up closer to the hearth, and pull that fat cat or fuzzy pup deeper into the nook of your arm…

cold CT snow by Gladiolaroot on Flickr:

Tub toes bu Scissorina on Flickr:

along came one of these guys by shortstackphoto

Akron tags by blakeurmos on Instagram:

Purple is better than yellow, right? by ebbhead on Instagram (and elsewhere!)

Chilly travel by our traveling Zurich shooter Chiipicts on Flickr

Not to rub it in, but “chilly” is about 72 degrees in Miami – with Sweety5583


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