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Day 42: Older and kinda naked

When I was younger I always sneered when the “old people” said they didn’t care about their birthdays anymore and “what’s the point of celebrating new wrinkles and merkin requirements?” I am so that person (merkin free, however), but mostly because I am days away from close family and friends. It just seemed more lonesome to call attention to it. So I kept it under wraps until SOMEONE (this guy who made this: http://lavertue.com/365underfoot/) announced to the crew that oh yes, day 42 would be my birthday. And I’m happy he did.

With that potato out of the sack, I made one simple request: “I expect naked theme photos in honor of my birthday suit.”

My grin cracked a few deep wrinkles in my lips that I will lie about and say are scars from my motorcycle gang days as the photos popped through the internets today. Here we are, this group of people, many I know, some I do not, some who know each other, many who do not – like, AT ALL.  And we all just kind of of know each other now. It’s awesome.

Some really rose to the naked challenge, like Scissorina, who I will begin with. Enjoy. I hope you enjoy as much as I did and still do. Everyone should get a photo tribute on their birthday.

This one, I just can’t stop loving:


From @mutemuse, whose pup I may steal:

And some non-naked, really freaky tributes. Because I guess I’m a bit of a freak.

From my sister:

from my ex partner in crime @stowasky (ex because of distance, not love lost!)


From the always crafty @marymakesdinner:

And from the girl who gave me my first UglyDoll 🙂

From @ragovin who is actually floating around Captiva:

I’m thinking I may open up a “you tell us a theme” weekly challenge.  Sort of like subservient chicken, but it’s more like subservient photogs.


2 thoughts on “Day 42: Older and kinda naked

  1. F*ck a D*ck I did not read that bday photo challenge properly. I need to run away from home. surprise LATE bday photos are sometimes good too…… xoxoxoxox

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