Day 50: These photos will make you squeamish, jealous, or just happy.

Squeam! In South Carolina

Heehaw! In Austin 

Be happy you don’t swear at wireless internet every night. Happy. Coral GAbles:

Toilet shots are the best. Where is SmoothASL?

Jealous of people who have (or make) time to read! (here’s Nona in NYC): 

Beautious! The sun sets in Zurich ( I think… she may have been on vacation…)

hobokenwalks makes me wistful for those winter days when you’d walk by a MASSIVE flower stand in NYC.

If you’ve ever had mostly efficient and effective public transit, well, you’ll know what it’s like to miss it. Even waiting for it meant it was at least still available (ahem, Miami, what the hell?)

I don’t know what Oasis this is, dadelia, but even drained it’s beautiful:


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