Day 154 of 365Underfoot: There is no way I will catch up

We’ve lost some, some have returned, and some of us have been steady shooting every day. We’ve had broken phones, broken cameras, and a Flickr upgrade that baffled a few. We’ve had new jobs, big moves, and two babies are nearly here! And it’s only been 154 days (as of today). So you know, rather than stress myself out trying to grab a full update since the last post, let’s just grab some at random. And then, let’s make a promise to each other. I’ll commit to updating this blog every day starting now if you… commit to reading every day. Or something.

ebbhead on instagram (and Twitter, I think) is up on the roof.

“The General” swimming during my first weekend in The Hamptons.

ChiiPicts on Flickr… I can not get enough of these bunnies.

I can’t get enough of this fuzzy Mumrah from @hchcandlelips

@jsamardak on Instagram (and Twitter) found some delicate berries on day 151

@ihh61 cleaned up at Total Wine!

Bella from @iloveflavor should get together with The General 🙂

Hobokenwalks on Flickr took in some live music. This may also be a screenshot as the poor thing had some camera issues.

If you have a thing for bunnies, this one is giving you the eye.

This feels toilety. From @mutemuse

Beautiful colorful shot from the lovely @jillybeann803 on instagram

@ctyler109 on Twitter puts it on ICE

@mutemuse on Flickr and his little buddies.

I am so jealous of @nona* on Flickr’s citibike setup.

Clematis in Clemson from @ctyler109 on Twitter

You can always keep up with the crew here:
On Twitter: Here
On Instagram: http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/tag/365underfoot/
On Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/365underfoot/pool/


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