Day 156 of 365Underfoot: A day more colorful

Yesterday was a little stark. Today gave the finger to yesterday. I sent an email to the Underfooters with some “on this day” info about June 5 and it was dark as hell. Maybe everyone’s subconscious wanted a departure from the deaths of icons and political figures . I mean, it is Marky Mark’s birthday today after all. Good vibrations. Feel it feel it.

Hugh brought out Dogbert. I hope he didn’t step on him.

I brought my sick nephew out onto the lawn to showcase how his 9 year old feet outgrew mine already.

meezies believes one should always wear red patent leather when ridding themselves of pesky greys.

a_neelee is showing off her tomatoes. This photo makes me thirsty.

jillybeann803 had a delightful drip with Michael Caine

And Jennifer found a hairband and a “rust spot” (aka BLOOOOOOOOD!) underfoot today on the lonely pavement.

Carol said something about a toe, but all I see is ADORABLE POOCH!


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