Guidelines: 365Underfoot

lookdownabout365 Underfoot is a photo project challenging participants to shoot and share one photo a day for 365 days in the theme of “Underfoot.”

What is “Underfoot”? It’s different for everyone, isn’t it? We’re all plowing ahead feverishly towards whatever life, career, or cellar dwelling goals we’ve set for ourselves. What happens when you look down? What path are you on? What furry creature is tangling around your ankles? What did you just step in? Underfoot is what you’re on, what stabilizes you, what you just walked over and away from. It’s what you see when you Look Down or what you see when you’re on the ground.

How it works

  • Begin January 1, 2013
  • Shoot every day, share every day. In the theme of Underfoot (see above!) January 1, 2013 is Day 1 of 365 and so on.
  • You can backlog posting by a few days, but you can not skip shooting. Day 1 was shot on Day 1, Day 89 was shot on Day 89. Day 200 was shot on day 200. But perhaps you didn’t get to upload day 189 until day 200. That’s fine. But do not shoot 4 underfoot photos on day 5 because you didn’t shoot those 4 days before. That’s not kosher! Make it easy on yourself and just shoot and post every day. And if you can’t post every day, don’t wait 5 days or you’ll lose your mind. I promise. If any of this sounds weird as hell – email me at – I am happy to clarify if it means you’ll play with us!
  • You are NOT limited to a digital camera. Phones, tablets, whatever you have that captures an image, use it. If you’re masochistic enough to use film, have at it. You know, I even accept an illustration a day in the theme. For real. Photographic memory is off the list

All participants are asked to share their daily images with tags/hashtags via any of these channels (you don’t have to use all of them – just giving you options!):

  • Instagram: sharing photos using the following hashtags [note: only images tagged with #365underfoot will be displayed in the aggregator]
    • #365underfoot
    • #underfoot
    • #lookdown
    • #365photo
  • Flickr! The group is invitation only since it’s just for those involved in the challenge – however the photo set is open to the public so you can discover creative people to play with on Flickr, too. They’ll be using the tags
    •  365underfoot
    • underfoot
    • “look down”
    • 365photo
  • Twitter: If participants share their images, they’ve been asked to use the same hashtags as with Instagram.

And this blog! I plan to do highlights and also spotlight our participants because they’re an eclectic bunch, some with their own art projects in play, some are inventing and engineering daily, some are popping out babies… everyone is creating something and I want to share these people with you. So subscribe, follow, whatever you want, just come back often for lots of goodies.


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